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A Beginner’s Guide to Not Paying for Muni or BART


If I /hypothetically/ didn’t want to pay for bay area transit, this is how I would do it without getting caught.


  1. Back Board 
    While waiting at bus stops, always wait a little bit farther back. It’ll give you a reason to board through the back even if it’s not crowded.
  2. “I can’t find my transfer!”
    Keep a pocket full of paper scraps, old transfers (never throw them away!), trash, or whatever in your backpack or pocket. If you back board and the bus driver asks for your transfer, take forever to look through all of your pockets and keep pulling out your trash and old transfers. Exclaim, “I have my transfer here somewhere!” Hope the driver gives up on it eventually.
  3. Take the Elevator
    Are you coming on a rail line into a downtown station? Muni agents like to wait at the top of the escalator, so always take the elevator. 
  4. Forever Young
    If you’re entering Muni from a downtown station, just buy a youth fare. Or tailgate if you’re feeling bold. See above if you’re exiting at another downtown stop. See below otherwise.
  5. Always Have Your Clipper
    See a muni agent waiting at a bus stop or station? Did you only pay youth fare? Or no fare? Clip that shit real fast. Always have some backup.


  1. Know Your Enemy
    Know the layout of BART stations that you frequent. Know where busy areas are. Know where the agent booth(s) are. 
  2. Tailgating
    This is hella easy if you have a friend who is paying. Just walk right behind them as they go through the turnstile. If you’re alone, try to enter the station with a large group of people. Be quick, act like you’re in a hurry, watch out for getting hit in the ass. Also,
  3. Always Have Your Clipper
    When tailgating, always be sure to pretend like you’re tapping your clipper card. If you get caught, play it off as an accident. You must have accidentally not tapped it fully! You were in a hurry!
  4. Hop It
    If no one is around for you to tailgate, hop that shit. This is when it’s important to know the layout of a station. Enter from the most obscure corner of the station and hop the turnstile where there is no agent booth. If someone sees you, exclaim the gates didn’t open when you tapped your clipper card.
  5. Always Have an Excuse
    t’s better than nothing if you get caught.

Best of luck in paying your “fair share” ;)

Please feel free to reblog or comment with your own suggestions or tips.

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